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The Crystals We Use

























Blue topaz






Cat's Eye




















































Rose Quartz




Rutilated Quartz






Smoky Quartz








Tiger's Eye








Crystalline Power Pouch ©


How Will it Help Me?

Balance Your Chakras.

Restore DNA Balance.

Restore Your Energy Field Into Balance.

Provide Electro Magnetic Feild (EMF) Protection.

Increase Your Energy and Alertness Levels.

Cleanse Your Aura.

These are some of the fundamental features of the Crystalline Power Pouch, each one will initiate the energy emitted from the Pouch in a slightly different way. This means that each user will experiences a shift in his or her own unique way.

The Crystalline Power Pouch was designed and created with the assistance of the divine, which provided the detailed instructions for each part of the Crystalline Power Pouch.

The entire Crystalline Power Pouch was designed with the number 3 in mind: the measurements, number of crystals, magnets and even the cost for a good exchange of energy.

An Overview :

Here is a simple demonstration of the basic and important parts of the Crystalline Power Pouch.

The three magnets are placed carefully creating a triangle of magnetic field amplifing the 12 different and energized crystals within.

The 12 different and energized crystals chosen specifically to co-inside with the energy stamp of each zodiac sign.

The whole Crystalline Power Pouch is in an hexagon shape along with a removable embroidered patch of the Flower of Life and Tree of Life.




The Design of the Crystalline Power Pouch



The Crystals:

In the mineral kingdom, crystals are of the highest vibration which make them a powerhouse of energy. Each unique with its own web of energy field, is created based on its structure and origin.
The one who comes in contact with a crystal can benefit from its balanced and powerful energy in many ways. The energy resonance emanating from each crystal can bring balance and purification in needed places such as body, mind, spirit and even physical locations such as a home or office.

The Crystals we use are picked especially for the spiritual technology we offer co-insiding with Astrology, Magnetics and Sacred Geometry for the purpose of facilitating the new human advancement.


The Astrology:

The 12 signs of the zodiac play an important role since our magnetic energy stamp comes in as a conditional behavioral print, which simply implies that we each behave with characteristics related to each of the zodiac signs traits. Each set of 12 energized crystals is designed to compliment and assist each sign bearer and their unique magnetic energy imprint.



The Magnets:

The magnets carry three roles in the Crystalline Power Pouch and these are to:
1- Amplify the energy emanating from each of the crystals.
2- Directly offer our cellular structure balancing field and help our DNA with the activation.
3- Ground the resonance field through grounding our Crystalline Energy Field.



The Sacred Geometry:

The divine sacredness of structure is all around us. It plays a fundamental role in our existence. Without it, we would not be here nor the reality we created. It is a universal language emanating from everything we see, hear, smell, touch, taste, feel.... It is bountiful and comes from Love.
The front of our Crystalline Power Pouch, has a detachable embroidered layer with the image of the Flower of Life and the Tree of Life. These are sacred geometrical shapes which are here to remind us and reflect our God's love.




Dog & Cat Crystalline Power Pouch ©

Compared to human angels, cats and dogs carry a different set of energy expression which resonates directly from the core of their DNA.

This expression encompasses their physical bubble with 8 layers of energy resonance field creating a magnificent scheme of colors and tones.

These 8 energy spheres are directly linked to the 8 centers located within their physical body and their DNA. The opposing energies which are vibrant in color and emanate from the energy centers in their body (or charkas as in a human body) create the overall expression of each and every dog and cat.


The balance between the energy spheres and the energy centers helps determined the level of wellness in a dog cat and other mammals such as a horse and elephant. This divine structure of expression excludes whales and dolphins since there are more like a human than a mammal.

Our Dog & Cat Crystalline Power Pouch © offers the very unique and precise tool in the field of Spiritual Technology enabling your 4 legged companions the opportunity to bringing balance and good health in their body, mind and spirit.

Our Dog & Cat Crystalline Power Pouch © contains 8 unique crystals and 8 precise magnets assembled together in a divine configuration making it a very powerful instrument for good health and balance.


Read What Dog and Cat Owners are Saying:

here is the latest on our new Crystalline Pouch for our Four Legged Friends.
2 weeks ago we placed the pouch on a sweet black Newfoundland
with some health challenges and today we received an update from her owner:

"I think it's been two weeks today that she has been wearing the crystal pouch you made for her...
People are now really noticing the difference in her....
she's much stronger, the picture of great health, she is no longer limping or dragging her leg, in fact, I have not given her any pain medication in days! Her coat is beautiful!
Thank you again and again from my beautiful and healthy dog and me!"



Coming Soon



Magnetic Crystalline Water Pouch ©

Imagine a water bottle that can transform your filtered drinking water into an out of this world experience!

Magnetized Water

Well don’t rush to get to the nearest galaxy yet because we have such product right here on earth!

It is called the Magnetic Crystalline Water Pouch ©

A specially designed water bottle cover with 9 magnets and 9 unique crystals installed within it. The cover comes with a top of the line reusable BPA Free Eastman Tritan Copolyester bottle and it can also keep your water cool thanks to the Neoprene (a special type of foam used in diving suits).

The unique design of the Magnetic Crystalline Water Pouch © enables the water to go through the following transformation:



Magnetize the Water:

The 9 powerful earth magnets surrounding the water transform the filtered drinking water in to Magnetized Water which means the water is now magnetically charged and acquired magnetic properties. For ages this quality has been known to be a method of healing and energizing in some cultures. Now it is readily available to you from Empowerment 33.



Crystallize the Water:

Do you mean the water turns to crystals? No! The effect of the 9 crystals are a basically a “conversation” of sorts between the crystals and the water in your bottle.



The 9 Crystals are Divided Into 3 Groups:

Group One:

3 Cleansing Crystals

This group is designed to energetically cleanse your water from any impurities.

This is not a filtration system! The water you will place in your bottle are clean and filtered only!

Group Two:

3 Energizing Crystals or revival crystals –

This group is designed to energize your water and bring it back to their natural state, the conversation between these crystals and the water will remind the water who they are and what their purpose is and how they the will need to interact with your body. The Water of Life is now ready for the next stage.

Group Three:

3 love crystals –

We are love and all we deserve is love! By offering the water the catalyst for love it is elevated to it’s highest potential making it God Water.

Magnetized Water

Coming Soon