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Quantum Crystalline Pouch & Bracelet

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A Life Changing Spiritual Technology Tool For Every Soul. We Dare You To Choose Your New Life.

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The Original CRYSTALLINE POWER POUCH © Now Being Upgraded.

Self Empowerment


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The Crystals, The Magnets, The Sacred Geometry
A New Era in Spiritual Technology.

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From a collection of 54 different high vibrational crystals,
Hand Picked For Best Results.

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Contains 8 Unique Crystals and 8 Precise Magnets Assembled Together
in a Divine Configuration Making it a Very Powerful Instrument for Good Health and Balance.

A very unique and Powerful Spiritual Technology Tool
Enabling Your 4 Legged Companions to Heal and Balance.

8 Crystals

3 Magnets

Sacred Geometry

Read What Dog and Cat Owners are Saying:

here is the latest on our new Crystalline Pouch for our Four Legged Friends.
2 weeks ago we placed the pouch on a sweet black Newfoundland
with some health challenges and today we received an update from her owner:

"I think it's been two weeks today that she has been wearing the crystal pouch you made for her...
People are now really noticing the difference in her....
she's much stronger, the picture of great health, she is no longer limping or dragging her leg, in fact, I have not given her any pain medication in days! Her coat is beautiful!
Thank you again and again from my beautiful and healthy dog and me!"

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Imagine a Water Bottle Cover That Can Transform Your Filtered
Drinking Water Into an Out Of This World Experience!

A specially designed water bottle cover with 9 magnets and 9 unique crystals installed within it.

3 Cleansing Crystals

3 Energizing Crystals

3 love crystals

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Welcome to Empowerment 33

Accelerated evolutionary processes are making their way into every part of our being. Every cell in our body is going through a shift that will help make every human being healthier, happier and prolong each of our lives as we know it.

Our DNA, the building block of our human existence, carries specific instructions on how to create new cells for each and every part of our body. These instruction “files” and “folders” are immense in their divine complexity and wisdom. Every one of us has its own special and unique set of “files” and “folders” which make up who we are such as facial features body style, color of eyes etc..
But that's not all, DNA has more functions than what meets the eye, it carries multidimensional “gates” to God’s intelligence and every lifetime we ever chose to experience on the only planet of free choice. It serves as a key to every moment of our current and past existence and even the potential of the future.

Our evolutionary process has reached a phase of “quickening” where our enlightenment / advancement is reaching rapid transformation daily!
Thanks to the choices we each and as a whole made in the last 100 years and especially in the recent 40, we shifted our reality to something that has not been experienced, ever.

Our choices and perceptions affect and create our life reality and within this “equation” lays the connection to our DNA.
Every thought, choice, emotion and condition we process create an energy pattern which directly affects how our body reacts and manifests itself, thus making the DNA the partner instrument of creation.

Beyond the 2 strands we see in the DNA, there are 10 more invisible to our eyes. Our intent for enlightenment is causing the entire 12 DNA strands to activate in ways that have not been available for a very long time on earth making this period we live in very exciting.

Imagine the ability to:

- Live longer, healthier life.
- Dissolve, heal any dis-ease.
- Live in complete state of Love towards yourself and others.
- Bring peace on earth.

These are big and yet achievable realities which we will reach in the coming years thanks in part to Spiritual Technology..
To help facilitate the shift our DNA and body are going through, we at Empowerment 33 have created the CRYSTALLINE POWER POUCH © in 2011.


2012 Lunch of the New "The Quantum Crystalline Pouch & Bracelet"

Now, after months of observation by using the original “Crystalline Power Pouch” and listening to feedback from friends, family and users from around the world, I have concluded that now is the time to introduce the new design which will benefit users even more than the original pouch.


The All New "Quantum Crystalline Pouch":

The new pouch will need to be smaller, made with new materials and have improved manufacturing steps and tools to increase production capacity. In order to accommodate the new configuration of smaller dimensions.


The All New The Quantum Crystalline Bracelet:

The Bracelet is an added feature I plan on introducing along with the newly designed pouch. It will help achieve three main goals with one little secret (for now):

1- Allow additional meridian points in the body to benefit from the energy by wearing it on the wrist.

2- Used as an attractive accessory for everyday use or special occasions.

3- This is an added use for the The Quantum Crystalline Bracelet, I will reveal it as soon as I have the first batch....I think you will find it very interesting.


Beyond that, I plan on creating a new type of crystal configuration in fact, this will be a re-introduction to an ancient method of using crystals for healing. The design of both the Pouch and Bracelet will have similar traits and color of the original Crystalline Power Pouch.


New Ingredients

There are two new secret ingredients I plan on adding; The first will increase the potency of the crystals and the second, will improve the conductivity of the energy generated in the pouch and bracelet and assist the body to absorb the profound balancing energy. Both ingredients will be easy to integrate into the new Quantum Crystalline Pouch and Bracelet


With your help and support on our websiteGoFundMe, I hope to complete the new Quantum Crystalline Pouch & Bracelet and have it ready for you all to purchace by March 2013.

I am grateful for your support

Eddie BenAbraham NT


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